In retirement, I didn’t know the internet would be something that I think about all the time. However, it seems to consume lots of my mental energy daily . I really thought in 2019 Internet was something that would be everywhere and readily available, realizing that assumptions are often the bane of my


Since we started our Instagram account and our YouTube channel, I feel responsible to those folks who subscribe or follow us . We started out making the videos for family and friends, but since we got on the road we seem to have a group of friends that we have never actually met, but whom we communicate with often. Many of them are into RVing , but some just seem entertained by our shenanigans and of course , Xena seems to have her own following. We often follow them back and keep up with their travels, picking up tips about certain locations. We have often found the best kept secrets on the road are not available in the tourist brochures, but come from pics and comments shared with people in nearly real time. Often the places we eat aren’t based on yelp or four square, but on places our subscribers /followers have shared.

These are interesting virtual relationships and have been invaluable on this journey. Occasionally, we get to meet up with someone in person and that’s fun. And we have had the strange experience more than once of people coming up to the rig, which clearly says “ Empty Nest Nomads” and strangers being super psyched to meet us. In Elkhart, Indiana recently we had pulled over and a woman got out of a pick up and ran over to hug us. Once we assessed that she wasn’t there to mug us, she was a fan who also RV’d full-time, it was endearing – she felt she knew us. We recognize that we are hardly famous or trend setting, but it’s fun to have people enjoying our efforts to share how lucky we are to have this opportunity to see the country.

So coming out west to be nearly two weeks without strong or steady enough internet to upload videos has yielded some very kind concern from our virtual support system. I’m hoping maybe this RV “ Resort” in Yosemite will allow us to upload Episode 1 for Season 3 and the nearly 3000 people who are paying attention to what we are doing and where we are – will not be worried we’ve killed each other on a moving day 😉


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