So the Journey has started….

I’m starting this blog because I need an outlet for all that is happening and I’m hoping it will perhaps be like talking to my friends, I miss so much while we are on the road. I agreed to one year on the road in the spirit of that “ do it now with no regrets” attitude. Alas, if you truly know me, this is NOT in my nature and is a clear testament of how much I love my husband and want to force myself to live outside my comfort zone. I am an educational leader- I LOVE rules and clear, measurable goals… in an RV with no physical traditional “home” yields none of those things. Thus, perhaps my ramblings will just be cathartic, but I am thinking and hoping they may at times be inspirational, and no doubt, entertaining to other Facing Fifty year old’s, who are entering this part of their lives with a desire to push an envelope they never even contemplated in the orderliness of their “normal” before….I get up each day and NOTHING is as I imagined. That is not to say I am ungrateful for the fiscal planning of my best friend and co-travel conspirator hubby that allows us to live this way, but it is a series of emotional hurdles and a sacrifice of my inherent checklist of expectations.  I actually have discussions regularly about emptying sewage and I sleep in a room that’s literal square footage is less than my now owned by another very blessed soul, walk in closet; my life of habits and simple comforts like having my hairstylist or nail lady, are never fully appreciated past pleasures…..but rarely does a day go by that I do not experience something absolutely new to me or see something amazing in landscape or culture. So I guess the blog will be me finding words to frame my perpetual struggle to let go of dreams realized and fulfilled to make room for those delivered awkwardly and unexpected. Along the way, I’m getting older and my body seems to be rebelling, my kids have their own complicated lives in which I try constantly to find a niche, instead of running a school staff, I’m lucky to be in charge of the map…so I might have underlying control issues (who am I shitting- I’m literally a mess and attempting not to spiral to what friends would say is a hot mess). I adore my husband and can honestly say he is the most wonderful man ever, but when on many days he is the ONLY human I have contact with and we occupy 500 square feet together instead of 5500- that’s a whole new WTF adventure. All things being said, I’d read this blog because love and adventure are not perfect and I’m going to document many things people “wish” they’d have the chance or the courage to get out of their ordinary comfort and do…I will likely just write about it with colorful cursing, epic unlikely, but true drama, occasional excessive drinking and too much heart.